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This Challenge is an online trading competition. After successful registration every participant will receive a Forex trading account with 10,000 USD virtual money. With that account you can trade different currency pairs during three months. The WINNER is the one who will have the biggest account size at the end of the contest.


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What the last winners of the challenge say

Charles Dupoint

Winner Challenge 07/10 - 2018
I always enjoy testing myself against other traders. I had tried before but never managed to win, finally this time everything went my way and I won (although by a very small margin to second place). I would like to congratulate all the other participants and wish them well in future contests.

Claire Morley

Winner Challenge 04/07 - 2018
I have been a full time trader for a few years now but never took part in a competition. This time I decided to test my skills against other traders and find out how I would perform in a competition environment. My previous knowledge prove invaluable and allowed me to secure first place.

André Villanueva

Winner Challenge 01/14 - 2018
I have always been very competitive and trading is a very lonely profession. I have taken part before in several contests and I always enjoy being able to see how I perform against other traders under the same market conditions. This was not the first time I won a contest and I always feel proud when I do.

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Risk Disclaimer

Please consult the terms & Conditions of the contest before registering. All contests have a duration of 3 months. You can Trade in all financial contracts available in the different plataforms allowed in the contest. 

Each participant can only register once for a given contest

If you win a contest you will not be eligible to register for another contest for a period of 1 calendar year.

No, all trades must be placed manually. If any automated strategy is used the account will be disqualified from the contest.

You can check the current ranking in our website. The ranking is updated in real time with participants ranked by highest percentage equity increase since the start of the contest.